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In the winter of 1995 a 3 day snowstorm dumped more than 5 feet of snow on Newberry Crater. At the time, as Forest Service photographer, I was covering a visit at the crater with FS officials and moument advisory group at the newly designated Newberry Nat'l Volcanic Monument. Before the crack of dawn on a very clear but very cold morning, at Paulina Lake Lodge, I along with George Chesley, who was ranger at the then Fort Rock RD, Dr. Stu Garrett, and a few other folks (can't recall their names), got on snowmobiles and we headed up the road to Paulina Peak for sunrise. We arrived in time for the event. OMG it was incredible. 5 feet of untracked snow. I was in photographer heaven. Now in those days I shot slide film. The camera was powered by four AA batteries. At -15 degrees F cameras tend to have problems or more accurately batteries tend to freeze up. So every half dozen shots or so I had to pull the batteries from the camera, replace them with warm ones in my snowsuit, and defrost the cold ones for the next camera battery change. But oh, was it worth it.
Sunrise on Paulina Peak with Central Oregon Cascades in the distancePaulina LakeSnow sculptured tree frames Paulina LakePaulina Lake, Big Obsidian flow, and East Lake in distanceSnow covered trees frame Paulina LakeSnow sculptured treesSnow sculptured treesSnow sculptured treesSnow sculptured treesMt Jefferson from Paulina PeakView from the top of Paulina PeakView from the top of Paulina PeakView from the top of Paulina PeakView from the top of Paulina Peak