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Late September in the John Muir Wilderness, Kings Canyon National Park. Places we visited were Darwin Lakes Basin via Lamarck Col, Evolution Lake, The John Muir Trail to South Fork San Joaquin River Canyon, and up to Piute Pass and over.
I intended to visit the Ionian Basin but a rather strong Fall storm canceled that portion of the hike.
We started out by going up and over Lamarck Col and made our way down to Darwin Canyon and camped out at the 4th lake. That's when the winds picked up and damaged my tent. Fortunately the guide brought an extra tent. We picked up camp and hiked out of Darwin Canyon in strong winds taking a trail through Darwin Bench which we followed down to the John Muir Trail in Evolution Valley. We were only 1.5 miles from Evolution Lake so it was an easy hike to Evolution Lake where we spent night 2. With a winter storm coming we headed out on day 3 hiked down through Evolution Valley, hiked down into South San Jaoquin River and camped out at Aspen Meadow. Day 4 we're back on the trail. It snowed a little overnight. We met up with Piute Pass trail and made it up to Humphreys Basin. We set up camp and it snowed but we only received four inches. Day 5 was up and over Piute Pass. We made it! 40 miles of great scenery and some rather interesting weather.
The High Sierra Mountains approaching Evolution BasinMy hiking partners, me, John, Doug, and our guide, RyanLower Lamarck LakeLower Lamarck LakeLower Lamarck LakeNearing summit of Lamarck ColNearing summit of Lamarck ColNearing summit of Lamarck ColMt HumphreysDarwin Basin and LakesDeep blue lake Darwin BasinSunset light at Darwin BasinSunset Darwin LakeA peak at Ionian Basin on Darwin benchHigh country lake, Darwin BenchMountain views Darwin BenchDarwin Bench viewEvolution ValleyViews from Darwin BenchEvolution Lake